Indigo Park Chapter 1

Indigo Park Chapter 1

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Prospecting deserted buildings has never been so much fun! In Indigo Park you will get busy with an exciting expedition across a huge complex, where hundreds of attractions used to make families happy and spare their leisure. But at some point, this idyll was ruined and you are going to be the one who uncovers the truth behind it.

Gameplay Indigo Park

Once you take a step into the cursed complex, there is no way back, so prepare for a long journey full of thrilling challenges and sophisticated riddles. The centre consists of several zones, each of them representing a certain type of entertainment. Whether it is a living area for pets or a theatre, you will have plenty of brain teasers to untangle there.

Moreover, the game suggests you move around in the complete darkness, as the power is off and you need to gradually turn it on by fixing the generators all around the facility. However, something is always standing in the way, so there will be some difficulties to overcome before you accomplish the quest.

The plot in Indigo Park is shown throughout the details and subtle hints, rather than told directly, so to figure out the whole picture, you will need to take your time to explore the surroundings attentively. Watch out for the left residents of the building though, as they are not happy to meet new visitors anymore! Outwit the hostile animatronics and proceed with your risky pursuit.

Meet a friendly AI resident of the park

In contrast to the fearful atmosphere of the game, you will obtain a cheerful virtual companion, who will follow you everywhere, showing up on the displays around. Trigger the interaction by approaching the nearest screen, and Rambley the Racoon will tell you the most important facts you should know about this place.

Your adorable assistant can also suggest to you what to do next and where to find the needed materials for solving another puzzle. Some areas of the park require specific passes that you should acquire in quite unusual ways. The first one will be the bracelet for the living area, which will give you access to an enthralling set of challenges.

Search for hidden secrets

For those, who are into meticulous investigation, Indigo Park offers special entertainment, which lies in looking for collectibles that can be concealed absolutely everywhere. Sometimes you even need to overcome certain barriers to gather one, so only the most dedicated enthusiasts can assemble a whole collection.

Once you manage to get to the information kiosk, you will be able to see how many collectibles you have collected and how many the game contains in general. The game doesn’t give any information about the appearance of the objects though, so you have no chance other than to keep an eye open for interesting items around!