Indigo Park Full Game

Indigo Park Full Game

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Indigo Park is an amazing game that is going to make you take the role of a fearless enthusiast, who is going to delve into the enigma of a huge devastated attraction park that was left under unknown circumstances. Get to know what exactly caused the destruction and how to get rid of it.

How to play Indigo Park

Consisting from multiple chapters, Indigo Park will gradually tell you a horrifying story, transforming it into a more and more sophisticated narrative. The things that seemed understandable turn into something unprecedented while you immerse into the darkness of abandoned buildings and gloomy attractions.

Having only a torch for equipment, start your expedition from the very gates of the ominous facility. Enter every door, examine all the papers left by the workers and lay your hands over the mysterious mechanisms, which used to make everything move.

However, there is a chance to acquire interesting objects during your reckless adventure! With the help of a charming AI companion, you will be able to sneak into the secret passages and solve even the most twisted riddles. This adorable purple raccoon is your only friend here, so try to follow his advice!

Visit all parts of the forsaken part

Indigo Park lets you wander around an exceptionally vast facility that includes several zones full of enigmas and dangers. Strange mechanical mannequins were supposed to entertain the visitors but this is all in the past. Now they are your enemies and you better stay far from them.

At the same time, it is crucial to take a look at every corner of the building, searching for a way to fix the power supply. So, make your way to the destination point steadily, but attentively, without catching your opponents’ attention. Rambley the Raccoon will suggest the best approaches.

But there is no chance to avoid another important element of Indigo Park and that is riddle solving. Curious puzzles will intervene with the investigation constantly, so get ready for searching, fixing, counting and deciphering various combinations.