Indigo Park Chapter 2

Indigo Park Chapter 2

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Continue the unforgettable pursuit around the Indigo Park in the second chapter of the nerve-racking horror game! You have already met both your friends and enemies, acquired important knowledge and determined your major objective, so move forward and get to know what else is lying underneath the once cheerful surface of the popular entertainment park.

Gameplay Indigo Park

New trials are already waiting for you in Indigo Park! Together with a charming racoon named Rambley, you will go further into the Indigo Park complex, opening more exciting areas that feature their own sets of obstacles. Learn to manage more sophisticated types of mechanisms and discover complicated puzzles for you to untangle.

As always, you will have only a torch to lighten your way until you bring the electricity back to the building yourself. Collect the gears and set up the wires to make the generators work again and bring some hope to this long-deserted place. Roaming around the threatening halls full of strangely flamboyant decorations will make the mission even more atmospheric!

Face new foes and buddies

In the second chapter of Indigo Park, you will also have a chance to interact with more fantastic characters. Not all of them will be glad to see you in the walls of their dwelling, but you need to keep on searching nonetheless. Flee from the violent robotic dolls and learn more about their sad stories from the concealed files, carefully distributed throughout the working spaces.

However, there will also be other personages in the game, who are willing to help you as Rambley does. Additional assistance can never prevent you from completing the quest in Indigo Park, so accept such a generous gift and expand your adventurous company.

Restore the park together with Rambley

While travelling between the zones, listen to your companions’ advice in order to renovate the centre and make it animated and popular again. Restoring the electricity in particular is very important, as now you have to make do only with the flashlight. The game suggests you to engage in a series of fascinating brain teasers and unravel the mysteries of the facility this way.

In addition, Indigo Park includes lots of wonderful collectibles, from adorable plushies to valuable prizes! Try not to miss any of them and the game will give you a special reward, which will make the impressions from the project even more vivid!